Increase safety, reduce motor vehicle incidents and protect your bottom line

The average cost of a motor vehicle collision resulting in a disabling injury exceeds $90,000. When it involves a fatality, the average cost skyrockets to over $1.5 million.


Employers are liable to pay significant costs associated with motor vehicle crashes, not to mention a decrease in employees’ health and well-being, loss of productivity, and an increase in lost time away from work, insurance premiums and potential legal judgments and court expenses. 


National Safety Council (NSC) Driver Safety Training is an effective, pro-active way to educate employees to be safe and responsible drivers, inevitably reducing motor vehicle incidents and collisions, controlling costs and improving business operations. 


Learn about NSC Driver Safety Programs by requesting “Leading the Way to Safer Roads.” We’ll provide resources to help you decide the type of program that works best for your organization and training goals. 




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