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February 2017

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5-Minute Safety Talk

Best Practices to Improve Safety Performance5_minute_safety_talk.jpg
Everyone is responsible for creating a safe work environment.

This 5-Minute Safety Talk discusses the steps you can take to be successful in eliminating workplace injuries.

Every Worker Has  a Right to Make it Home Alive

Member Banner-1.jpgIn 2014, across all industries, more than 4,000 workers died on the job, according to the latest edition of Injury Facts®. While this is an improvement over the 14,000 annual deaths in the 1970s, we still have work to do. Just this fiscal year, more than 100 people have died on the job, according to government data.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces workplace safety standards by holding employers responsible if they fail to provide a safe workplace. Maintaining OSHA compliance is serious business – no employer wants to be at the receiving end of an OSHA violation – but ultimately employers and OSHA want the same thing: A safe and healthy workforce.

OSHA Top 10
OSHA rankings for the Top 10 most cited violations change little from year to year, but the data is always compelling.

The most frequently cited hazards for 2016 are:

  1. Fall Protection
  2. Hazard communication
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Lockout/tagout
  6. Powered industrial trucks
  7. Ladders
  8. Machine guarding
  9. Electrical wiring methods
  10. Electrical general requirements

Safety+Health magazine offers many more statistics surrounding OSHA’s Top 10.

Make Training More Engaging
An ongoing safety training program for all employees can stop incidents before they happen when the No. 1 goal of training is hazard awareness. But it also can be difficult to engage employees so they retain the information. The subject matter is often the same year after year, so how do you keep it fresh?

  • Use visuals: video clips, photos, signsiStock_000060799960.jpg
  • Bring in a guest speaker with a compelling story
  • Dare to be different; look at other organizations’ methods and do them better
  • Make sure management participates to help solidify a safety culture from the top down

OSHA compliance training offered by NSC exceeds standards in most cases and is trusted worldwide. Learn more.

Go Beyond Compliance
Failure to identify and correct hazards in the workplace can lead to serious injury and death. Ultimately, it’s not just compliance with OSHA regulations employers should strive for, it’s injury prevention.

The key to preventing these incidents is planning, observing and establishing a safety culture. Safety is not a destination, it’s an ongoing Journey. Learn about our Journey to Safety Excellence program.

World-class organizations use leading indicators to help shape their safety culture. Four members of the Campbell Institute at NSC describe leading indicators they track and how those have affected their safety outcomes. Read more.

What if Someone is Injured?
iStock_75681237_LARGE.jpgReacting quickly to an incident with a prescribed procedure can demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety and ensure the proper information is collected to prevent future incidents.

Through OSHA and the National Safety Council Alliance, NSC has put together this guide on the steps to take during an incident investigation, including who should conduct the investigation, who should be interviewed, how to document the scene, and how to use the results to better identify hazards and prevent future injuries.

Inspiring Excellence in Safety
Green Cross.pngThe National Safety Council will present its 2017 Green Cross for Safety awards this spring in California. Three finalists will be named in each category: Excellence in Safety, Safety Innovation and Safety Advocate. Please consider attending the Green Cross for Safety Gala to recognize those who have made our homes, communities, workplaces and roads safer.

Bring Safety Home 

playgroundsafety.jpgMore than 70% of preventable deaths occur off the job. The National Safety Council offers lots of information on how to stay safe in your home and community, and during your leisure time. NSC offers myriad information about everything from poisoning to vehicle safety to sports injuries and radon poisoning.  Start here.

NSC-logo.pngAbout the National
Safety Council

The National Safety Council eliminates deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. Visit us at for up-to-date industry news, information and tools to take your safety program to the next level. 

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2017 Safe Driver of the Year Nominations Deadline Approaching
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 Nominate drivers who exemplify exceptional driver safety. If you have an employee who has clocked an outstanding number of miles or hours behind the wheel without a preventable collision, be sure to nominate him or her for a "Safe Driver of the Year" award. The deadline to submit nominations is
March 31, 2017.